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Expandable graphite

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Expandable graphite introduce:


Features of Expandable graphite:

Expandable graphite products using high quality flaky graphite as raw material, and after special chemical process. Expandable graphite are instantaneous high temperature treatment, flake becoming to vermicular , volume expand 100~400times, this expandable graphite still keep the performance of nature graphite, and having good mold plasticity, flexible scalability and sealing ability, it is the good sealing material of graphite plates, also can be used for the metallurgical industry protection slag, flame retardant material.

Technical Parameter of Expandable graphite:

Volatilemoistureexponsion degreePHParticle Size

Application of Expandable graphite:
1.Additives of metallurgical industry. 
2.Material of flexible graphite paper.
3.Battery adsorbent material.
4.Additives of lubricant.
5. Additives of fire-extinguishing agent.

Storage of Expandable graphite

1) Expandable graphite should be stored in a dry, ventilated place where there is no other sources of pollution (recommended: temperature ≤ 45 ° C, humidity ≤ 85%);

2) Expandable graphite should be neatly stacked, and the production batch number, date and other signs should be clearly identified;

3) Expandable graphite should be carefully Handled during transportation to avoid the damage of the packaging; products that leak out of the package must not be returned to the box.



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