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2016-11-1 · Tuball SWCNTs are used as the single SWCNT source, as they are low cost, generally good quality, and available in large volumes, with intermediate impurity levels; independent characterisation of the as-supplied material is provided in this paper.

TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes

SWCNT possess a number of remarkable characteristics, such as exceptional conductivity, strength, and thermal stability, which make them a highly effective additive. Just 0.01% of SWCNT improves the properties of 70% of industrial materials. OCSiAl’s flagship SWCNT product, TUBALL, has an exceptional performance to price ratio.

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As SWCNT manufacturer, OCSiAl is doing continues investments in improving our understanding of our different (new) Tuball products themselves and potential hazards through their (entire) life cycle. We are involved in generating additional test data and collaborating with industry associations and networks.